Welcome to Funds TV

Let's start off with why you're here. You didn’t come for shiny sales presentations, with smart suits talking about alpha, or smart beta, did you?

FundsTV launched on Leap Day in 2016. We need you to take a leap with us. Let's face it, the financial world is a complicated place. But we still need it. At the moment we are facing the worst pension crisis in history, and we are sleepwalking right into it. By the time we realise, it will already be too late. The industry built to serve us, Asset Management, isn't understood and never mind trusted, by most. It’s not just the young, most people of any age, don’t understand it, and they don’t feel secure about it: will their pension actually be there when they finally do retire? And what, if anything, does Asset Management actually bring to our society? Can we really blame them? We have a PR problem, and it’s global.

FundsTV was created to bridge that gap. We are a group of creative people from the sector, who wished for an open, online network to provide a window into the industry. We want to open the dialogue with the people outside, and that’s you. We want to turn the fear back into trust again.

In a world of 0%, even negative interest, where the bank can start charging you for holding your savings, we need education about investing. At a time when the digital era seems disconnected from the financial one, we need more unique ways of reaching people. We need to inspire. Top leaders will openly share their ideas, in a jargon-busting, straight talking kind of way, the site will be available to everyone, everywhere. It’s not investment advice, it’s education, and conversation. And it won’t be all one-sided. We will talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. But at least we will be honest.

It is a philanthropic project so please bear with us, this is just the start, we aim to get better. The site is free; we wanted content above commercialisation. If you like us, please spread the word.